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Bobita is an international famous actress of Bangladesh film. She was born on April 20, 1948 at Jessore, Bangladesh. She has performed in many movies of her life. At present Bobita is not busy to work in cinema. Bobita says as her son Onik stay in Canada for higher education so I want to keep me limit shooting in cinema. I shall not perform more than 4 to 5 cinemas per year. Those cinemas in which I shall act a part, I hope those movies will be loved by the spectators. International actress Bobita has passed busy time to perform movie those are Khodar Pare Ma, Putra Ekhon Paisawalla, Amonto Prem Hay, etc.

Bobita Biography

Full Name:Farida Akhter Poppy
Date Of Birth:April 20, 1948
Place Of Birth:Jessore, Bangladesh
Age (as in 2017):69 years old
Height:5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight:62 KG
Bobita has performed in the character as a mother in the film Khodar Pare Ma. The last movie performed by Bobita is Raja Surja Kha. At late Bobita has said I want to establish the movie about the handicapped child which is my dream for long days. It is mentionable that Bd actress Bobita has been adorned by special honor to act a part on the movie Asani sanke which is directed by the world wide cinematographer Sayttajit Roy. Bobita says cinema and my only son Anik both are the part and parcel of my life. So I want to spend my rest of life with them.

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Bobita Bangladeshi Actress Biography Hot Photos

Bobita Bangladeshi Actress Biography Hot

Bobita Bangladeshi Actress Biography

Bobita and Her Son Onik

Bobita Bangladeshi Actress Photos

Bobita Bangladeshi Actress Hot

Bobita Bangladeshi Actress Sexy

Bobita Wedding / Husband

Bobita's Sister Name Chompa

Bobita Wikipedia

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