Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Biography, Latest Photos

Tarin Jahan is a sweet model, actress and singer in Bangladesh. She was born in 1976. Bangladeshi actress Tarin becomes an actress when she was a child. At that time she got Notun Kuri awards and championship. Bd actress Tarin perform acting, modeling and presentation. However she is a skillful actress in Bangladesh. After a few days ago Bangladeshi model Tarin marriages Arman Khan but some days pass that relationship totally breakup. Recently Tarin is busy for her acting schedule and other matters.

Tarin has engaged with some serial such as Kalantar. Tarin says I feel comfort only one hour drama and telefilms. But I do not like serial if that serial story us beautiful obviously I will be performed. At present she has performed some drama for instance Sobuj Valvet, Harano Akas, Nupur and Bosor Kuri Por. All drama character is different on look get a lot of enjoyment additional matter Bd model Tarin also perform a drama named Naktul. Naktul story become role woman life style. On the other hand, Tarin elder sister Mahin who is famous for a beautician. Tarin also know music. She says I love music and I enjoy my work.

Tarin Jahan Hot Photos

Tarin Jahan

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Biography Hot Photos

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Biography Hot

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Biography

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Age

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Photos

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Husband

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Wedding / Marriage

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Movies

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Natoks

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress In Saree

Tarin Jahan Bangladeshi Actress Hot

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Tarin Jahan and Riaz Ahamed Siddique

Tarin Jahan Hot Bangladeshi Actress

Tarin Jahan and Ziaul Haque Apurbo

Tarin Jahan and Tauquir Ahmed
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