Nazia Haque Orsha Bangladeshi Actress Biography, Photos

Nazia Haque Orsha is a student of Home Economics College, Dhaka. Bd actress Orsha becomes Lux channel I award winner. Orsha is busy now for her study. When I was own Lux award that time I was afraid but happy because all thing were new say Orsha. However I had offered my first serial drama name Chad Ful Amabosha. Firstly Bangladeshi model Orsha afraid of acting beside her character was beautiful acting section. I had been a poor woman role in Chad Ful Amabossya drama.

That was really interesting and strategic role. On the other hand I had been performed Stkahon and Fairly Fanus. Recently big screen director Sahah Alom a telefilm for television name of the telefilm Swadesh. It main role is become Orsha. Dhaka, Asulaa, Tongi is the side of shooting location. Beside Rangamati, Cox bazaar, Bandarbon is also shooting spot of Swadesh telefilm. Other mater is Bd model Orsha has performed some advertisement such as Dittergent Powder and No.1 Condense Milk. Orsha says I want to establish my carrier of good foundation.

Nazia Haque Orsha Hot Photos

Nazia Haque Orsha

Nazia Haque Orsha Bangladeshi Actress Biography Hot Photos

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