Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Actress Biography, Latest Photos

Farhana Mili is a cute actress in Bangladeshi actresses. Bangladeshi actress Mili is student of Jahangirnagar University and her depart is drama a dramatic. Bd actress Mili becomes an actress of Mon Pura movie which was very popular film of any kind of on looker. In Mon Pura movie she was perform a country side women. Beside she is being lover. When Bangladeshi movie was completely damage that time Mon Pura movie change the new era and Mon Pura movie was super hit.

However Bangladeshi model Mili marriage recently her husband is an engineer. She says now I am very busy with my family and husband. For this reason I don t perform any kind of drama. Bd model Mili has performed various dramas such as in Highway, Pagla Baba, and Gagchil. Mili says when my busy will be reduced then I will be trying performance some drama and movies. I love acting today Mili establish for acting and many on looker love Mili. She says I alive with my work for ever.

Farhana Mili Hot Photos

Farhana Mili

Farhana Mili Marriage / Wedding Photo

Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Model, Actress Biography Hot Photos

Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Model, Actress Biography Hot

Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Model, Actress Hot

Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Model, Actress Biography

Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Model Hot

Farhana Mili Bangladeshi Actress Hot

Farhana Mili and Chanchal Chowdhury

Farhana Mili and Chanchal Chowdhury In Mon Pura Movie

Farhana Mili and Riaz

Farhana Mili Hot

Farhana Mili Wedding / Marriage Photo

Farhana Mili Sexy

Farhana Mili Cute
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