Google User Needs To Know Top Ten Common URLs

Google user needs to know the Ten Common URLs. If you're a computer user or a smartphone user, you must be using the net. And using the internet but are not familiar with Google and Google services and can not be tato. And there are many people who do not known anything other than Google. But 10 will be a URL, which will definitely help you! If you're going, let's get started.

Google's Ten Common URLs

  1. When you use Google Chrome, Google saves all passwords they are using. The passwords and user names if you want you will get it from Google. of the URL you need to go.
  2. All the sites you've been visiting those sites based on a profile you have created. The Google Profile and your Google Plus profile upata based on your age, gender, interest organizations, etc. are stored in the profiles. You can visit your profile to view address.
  3. If you want you can export all of your information from Google echo system, Google provides this facility. You can very easily to your Google Photos, Contact, Gmail, even your YouTube video (if any) until you can download files. All you need to address
  4. If you've seen any other site of your own content, you can easily DMCA complaint. For which you have to go address.
  5. Did you know that wherever you go with your device, Google collects your location? logically true or false information, please visit URL.
  6. When the Google Account username of your account is @ used. However, if you accounts from URL if you want to Creator Creator Google account, you can do without.
  7. Google and YouTube, why do not you use the Google and YouTube search tarmai saves. If you click on a website, Google also ayadagulote saves the lagao Google. So what else did you want to see the following urls will work.
  8. According to Google's terms and conditions, if you do not log in to your Gmail account, if once every 9 months, your account will be deleted. This is essentially the problem of those who have more than one Gmail account. If you also happen to your primary e-mail account can add secondary mail accounts as a trusted contact. As a result, Google will send a reminder to your primary account.
  9. Worried about whether someone entering your Google account? You can very easily check the URL of your activity where you can log into your account from any device, and log some IP phones are used to find out the information easily can.
  10. So far, no applications gave you permission account you do not remember? This is to remind you to easily URL.
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