How to Add Funds In PayZa Account by bKash (Officially)

Add Funds In Payza Account by bKash. Yes! It is possible to Add Funds In PayZa Account by Using bKash Account. We share some information or steps for help you to using your PayZa Acccount with bKash Account.
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Add Funds In PayZa Account by bKash:

Step-1: Log in to your Account.

Step-2: Click on “Add Funds” at the top of the screen and then select the “bKash” option Below.
How to Add Funds In PayZa Account by bKash
Step-3: Follow the instructions on screen to send money from your bKash account.

Step-4: When you receive your confirmation code or “bKash transaction ID”, enter that information into your account and click “Create Transaction” Below.
How to Add Funds In PayZa Account by bKash
Step-5: On the next page, review your transaction details and confirm the deposit.

Your takas will then be instantly credited to your account, ready for you to use however you like!

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  1. hi j number ta te send korte bolse ota k sobai use korbe?amr id te different number dekhay

  2. So, you should use that number. Or, you can feel free to contact in "PayZa Support Center".