Get High Paying CPM With PopCash Popunder Network

How to Get High Paying CPM With PopCash? Now we share some information abou PopCash to Get Maximum CPM Rate in PopCash. To get maximum cpm rate in PopCash you need something to do below.
How to Get High Paying CPM With PopCash Popunder Network

Get High Paying CPM by Follow Steps:

Step 1: Register on Popcash by this link (If you not using you will don't got high cpm rate).

Step 2: Goto User Dashboard.

Step 3: Select Websites from left side options of User Dashboard.

Step 4: Click Add a new website button from right side.

Step 5: Write your domain name. Ex: or (Do not use http:// or https:// with your domain name).

Step 6: Select your site Category. (Use original category of your site).

Step 7: Select Adult content options and choose any option from box. Ex: If you site not as adult content so, select Disallow option Or If you site as adult content so, select Allow option. (Do not select wrong content option).

Step 8: Click on Add website button. Then you website will be pending status. You can find your website status by click Websites options from left side. You website will be approve within 6 - 12 hours.

Step 9: After approve your website you will notify by yor e-mail address. Then go to User Dashboard >> Websites. Then click Get code  option in right side of your wesite infomation.

Step 10: Then you will get a javascript code. Now copy the javascript code and paste in you website header. Ex: <haed>Paste code here</head>

Get High Paying CPM FAQs:

Q 1: How it works?

A 1: It works by spacial referrals programs.

Q 2: What is minimum payment amount in PopCash?

A 2: The minimum payment amount is $10 in PopCash.

Q 3: Which payment method support in PopCash?

A 3: PopCash payment method is PayPal, PayZa, Paxum.

Q 4: How many times need to process payment in PopCash?

A 4: PopCash give you instand payment. You will receive your payment within some times.

Q 5: How to Get High Paying CPM With PopCash?

A 5: If you have registered your PopCash Account by this link. So you cpm rate will increased when you earn more then $10 USD.

Q 6: I can this offer in my old PopCash account?

A 6: No. You will not get this offer in your old PopCash account. You need to register a new PopCash Account by this link.

Get High Paying CPM Tips:

To get this offer you need to register a new PopCash Account by this link. If you already hare an PopCash Account and you CPM is low, you need to stop using your old PopCash Account and create a new PopCash Account by this link.

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