Unable To Connect Or Authenticate To The ZPanel Database

May be you have using unmanaged or self managed vps or dedicated server for your hosting service. Because, many self managed servers are controlling by ZPanel. ZPanel is a free web hosting cantrol for all. If you are using ZPanel on your server and you feel any problems with your ZPanel or Server. Then you can feel free to contact with us for any time. We will fix your ZPanel or server problems. Also you can cantact with us for any tips or informations about web development.
Unable to connect or authenticate to the ZPanel database
Now we shared a problem solution with your ZPanel. Have you problem with youe ZPanel to login or access to ZPanel Control Panel? Oky, It's time to fix your ZPanel login or access problem by your self. We will help you by sharring some valuable information about this problem. But, it need to do by your self to fix your ZPanel problem. Are you showing a Critical Error: [0100] message like this.
Critical Error: [0100] - Unable to connect or authenticate to the ZPanel database (zpanel_core).
We advice that you contact the server administrator to ensure that the database server is online and that the correct connection parameter are being used.
Most of the time this problem created for exceeding ram maximum usage. You should maintain your RAM usage under 80% as maximum. Do not exceeding ram maximum usage like 90% Or overall 100%. If you want to speed up your server your should maintain your RAM usage under 60%-70%. When your RAM usage will be 90% Or overall 100%. When you have no RAM space to spend for using ZPanel. Therefore you feel a problem like Critical Error: [0100] on your Zpanel. So how to fix this problem if that created for exceeding ram usage?

How to fix exceeding ram usage to fix ZPanel problem

Check Ram Usage By SSH
To check your ram usage of your server you need to use following command on SSH.
free -m
By using this command you can show you ram usage details. If you show your server ram cached very high. Then you can clear your ram cache by using following commands.
Clear Up Ram By SSH
  • Clear Page Cache
sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
  • Clear dentries and inodes
sync; echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
  • Clear dentries and inodes
sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
If you feel any problem to clear up your server ram. Then you need to restart/reboot your server. To restart/reboot your server by ssh you can use following command.
Reboot Your Server By SSH
If you have any problem to restart/reboot your server by ssh. So you should restart your server from your Hosting Control Panel.
If your server ram was cleared. After that be sure that many free space avaliable on your server ram. Your server should be 512 MB free space. Your total ram should be at least 1GB to using better server and ZPanel. Now try to enter your ZPanel Control Panel using your server IP inside your web browser.
If this problem was not soloved yet. Please check your mysql service is running on your server.

How to fix mysql service to fix ZPanel problem

Check Mysql Service Status By SSH
Now check your mysql service is running or stop/waiting. To check your mysql service status use following command on ssh.
service mysql status
  • If you show mysql status like “mysql start/running, process 415”. That means your mysql service is ok and it's running now.
  • If you show mysql status like “mysql stop/waiting”. That means your mysql service is not ok and it's not running now.
So how you can fix your mysql service problem? If your mysql service status is stop/waiting. Now try to start or restart your mysql service by using following commands on ssh.
  • Start Mysql Service
service mysql start
  • Stop Mysql Service
service mysql stop
  • Restart Mysql Service
service mysql restart
  • Check Mysql Service Status
service mysql status
After that your mysql service will be start/running. If your mysql service running then your ZPanel problem solved. If you have any problem to start/running your mysql service. Please feel free to send a feedback to us. We will help you to solve your mysql service problem. You can also contact with web developer to fix your mysql service problem. We have shared some valuable information to fix your mysql service problem. In this time you need to backup your FTP data and MySql data. Now try following ways to backup your FTP and MySql storage in your computer.

How to backup your FTP and MySql Database

If your can't login or access to your ZPanel Control Panel. So you can't backup your FTP and MySql data from ZPanel. Please try following steps to backup your data.
Step 1: Download And Install FileZila On Your Computer.

To download FileZilla For Your Windows 32/64bit, Mac OS X and Linux. Click the following “Click Here To Download FileZilla” button. Then your will got a tutorial about how to download FileZilla. You will got also a tutorial about how to use FileZilla.

Step 2: Download Your File Or Directory Using FileZilla.
Login into your FTP Or SFTP with FileZilla.

Now you should browse currect ftp directory where is your file or folder. Now press “Right Click” on your file or folder which you want to download. Then click on “Download” option. After that download geting started which you queued for download. You can see status about your download in under the transfer queue option screen.

If you want to cancel your download. So you can cancel your download in transfer queue option. This cancellation done by press  “Right Click” on transfer queue option and click on “Stop And Remove All” option. You can also pause your download by unmark Process option. This process option is show on transfer queue option.

Look up where is your public_html and mysql database location in ftp.
public_html directory location
In public_html directory your can download your website all contents.
mysql database directory location
In mysql directory you can see directory name like your mysql database. Suppose  your database name is zadmin_google. So you will see a directory name like zadmin_google in mysql directory. Now you need to download each database directory which you want to backup.

When downloading completed please follow other steps.
Step 3: Reinstall Your Server OS

Reinstall your server os which you like to using for your server. This server os reinstallation will be available on your Web hosting providers Control Panel.
Step 4: Install ZPanel On Your Server

Now you need to install ZPanel on your server. If you are using Ubuntu OS 12.04 Or 14.04. So we have shared an article about how you can install ZPanel on your server.

Install ZPanel On Ubuntu Server 12.04 Or 14.04

If you want to install ZPanel on Ubuntu Server. So need to read this article “How To Install ZPanel 10.1.1 On Ubuntu Server 12.04 Or 14.04”. You can read this article to install ZPanel on your Ubnutu OS Server.
Step 5: Add your domain name in ZPanel Domains option
You should add all of your domain names on ZPanel which you want using on this server. Be mindful when you added domain names on ZPanel. You should be careful to add domain names on ZPanel.
Step 6: Create mysql database and username on ZPanel
You should create all mysql database and username on ZPanel which you want to using on this server. Be mindful when you creating mysql database and username on ZPanel. You should be careful to create database and username on ZPanel.
Step 5: Upload File Or Directory Which You Have Downloaded
Login into your FTP Or SFTP with FileZilla.

Now you should browse currect ftp directory where your want to upload. Now browse your computer folders in local directory tree option in FileZilla. This local directory tree option is show in left side of FileZilla Client Software screen. When you have browsed in currect folder from your computer using local directory option. Then press “Right Click” on currect item which you want to upload. Now click on Upload option to start upload queue. You can see status about your download in under the transfer queue option screen.

If you want to cancel your upload. So you can cancel your upload in transfer queue option. This cancellation done by press  “Right Click” on transfer queue option and click on “Stop And Remove All” option. You can also pause your download by unmark Process option. This process option is show on transfer queue option.

Upload public_html File Or Directory
You need to upload each domain data files or directory in each domain root directory in public_html.
Do not delete each domain root directory from public_html if you are uploading domain file or directory with domain root directory as root user.
Upload mysql database files on mysql database directory
You need to upload all database files on each directory like /var/lib/mysql/Your Database Directory.
Do not delete each mysql database directory from /var/lib/mysql when you are uploading mysql database files on mysql database directory. You should just upload each mysql database files on each mysql database directory.

ZPanel Database Problem Solved

If you have reading this article and complete all steps about problem solving. So your ZPanel access or ZPanel database (zpanel_core) problem have to be solved. If you have any problem to understand about this problem solving. You can feel free to cantact with us. We try to solve your ZPanel Or Server problems as soon. You can aslo submit your comment about your problems in under comment box.

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