Nadia Afrin Mim Bangladeshi Actress Latest Photos

Nadia Afrin Mim Bangladeshi Actress Hot and Sexy Photos. She is very cute, hot, beautiful and talented actress. She known as a television drama actress. Min is the Lux Channel I Superstar competition winner un 2014. She acting in many bangla dramas in her actress career. Life Is Beautiful, Room Number-13, Manush Hote Shabdhan, Dak Diye She Jai, X Factor Reload, Dustu Cheler Dol, Valentine Otoppor Valobasha are the popular bangla dramas of her. Mim also works in some TVC like Pran Mr Noodles, RFL Smart Chair, Robi and Jucy Bombay Sweets etc. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches and weight is 54 KG. She got married to Shafaat Ali Choyon.

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