Reason Of Facebook Advertising High Popularity?

Online advertisers are heading towards social media for advertising. That's the case ahead of Facebook Facebook has more than 20 million active ads in one billion users, said the Facebook organization. In the latest income statement, only $ 563 million worth of income has been reported from advertising, of which 80 percent of mobile ads.

The current popular social media facebook This e-Life social site has about one billion users. Again, around 3.5 billion users like to comment on Facebook. That is, there is no doubt that experts in Facebook advertising are one of the greatest mediums. Facebook, like many magazines, magazines, YouTube channels, TVs, radio etc., becomes the medium of advertising. It is possible to reach customers at the moment of your company / pages / website / product advertising through Facebook.
Facebook Advertising

Popularity of Facebook Advertising

Currently the technology is much improved. Many people understand the internet to understand the internet. If you access Facebook, you can easily contact friends. Maybe that's why Facebook users check in at least once a day. Many do not read magazines. Technology is going to get all the online news on Facebook at this time. So many business people are advertising ads on Facebook without having to advertise on the magazine. It can easily reach the organization or product information to different customers. So Facebook ads got wide popularity. And in our country, traditional advertisements are given in paper-magazine, which is not possible to reach people of a particular class or age. For this many people are choosing Facebook as the medium of advertising.

Some of the noteworthy issues in advertising on Facebook

In many cases, the advertisement of Facebook advertisements by advertiser companies is faulty. The main purpose of the advertisements is not to get it, but the advertiser's unnecessary cost. This is because this happens because of ignorance or the proper method of science. Small business owners, new entrepreneurs or owners of any established organization, but the following four tips will help you to make the best advertising on Facebook properly.

Conversion pixels

Advertisers should create conversion pixels during each advertising campaign. The purpose of advertising is to increase your sales or get an e-mail address, which will keep your accounting cost towards the convergence pixel acquisition. You get clear ideas about how effective the ad is and how it works.

Advertising location

In the 'Add-ons' feature on Facebook, the 'Placement' option is under the 'Breakdown' option. Using this option is possible to monitor the advertising success of desktop computers and mobile news feeds and to remove non-malicious advertisements based on this. So there is no alternative to keeping an eye on this option if you want to save on Facebook ads.


Based on the response from online buyers to different times of the day, the advertising schedule on Facebook should be controlled. For this, the Facebook Ads Manager features the 'By Time' option. It can be used to determine the duration of the advertisement on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Facebook ads will succeed if the time is right.

Age and gender

The rate of response to the needs of the men and women, the needs of the young and old, and the ad response rate are different. That is why Facebook Ad Manager will get access to the age, gender and gender identity of the 'Age and Gender' column, which is below the 'Breakdown' option. Determining the purpose and motive of advertising based on this, there is a lot of potential to achieve success.

You can see the highest profit margin from your ad using these lice-gritty but important options in the Facebook Adds Manager feature. Be sure to follow things before Facebook ads.

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