Be a Profesional Graphic Designer from Staying at Home

How are you all? After a long time tuning. Learning the graphics designs so I do not get the time as before. Although I could not learn anything yet, I have learned the problem.
Abdul Alim
I always had a focus on graphics design. Many of my previous tunes were about photo editors. So I can understand that my attraction towards this. All my photos were tune in using the general public. To make sure the editing of the profiles, those small software will not be useful. : (I did not know Photoshop's work earlier, so I worked with small software.

But now as a professional designer I want to see myself, there is no alternative way except professional software. The problems that I have experienced while learning the graphics design.
  • Where to learn?
  • What to learn?
  • Is there any good organization ?
  • How would the cost be?
  • What actually to learn?
Now tell me how I started. Maybe there is a good institution but I have not been admitted for the visit. Besides, the cost to learn graphics designs is very high. So some older brothers suggested that they learn from the net itself. Though I could not take it easy at first, I thought that I have no choice. So started the Ghataghati.

The graphics world is actually huge. It can be said that there is no end. Web designers will find a lot but the graphics designer is much less than that. Do you know the reason? It seems to me that it takes time to learn the graphics design and it is also a bit complicated. There are also creativity issues.

How to start learning graphics designs? Let's say how I started. Photoshop and Illustrator started as software. There is a desire to slowly move to the 3D world. Since I have not started long enough, I still have not finished learning these two software completely. The end will be: P.

One more thing to look at the web site to learn the graphics design is not always possible. The most effective method is the Video Tutorial. I saw the video of an organization named Al-Hira, but it will not work in such a tutorial to learn professional. Then the way?

Yes, of course there must be. That is the English tutorial. What is the problem? Nah, it's not so difficult. If you look at English movie regulars, I think it is not so difficult to learn from the English video tutorial. In fact, there is no alternative to learning English to learn anything now. You have to know. In this case my recommendation is to develop the habit of listening to English. Better if you can learn through entertainment. Seeing the movie can be very useful in this regard. Like I did in my work. So do not say Hindi movie.

Now tell me what problems can you face while watching the English video tutorial.

  1. Do not understand english
  2. Do not be patient
  3. Tutorials not found
  4. Do not stay intense
  5. Do not have a good PC
When I see the English English tutorial, I must understand the words. If you do not understand 100%, at least 70% + will understand. It is not possible to move forward. I have shown some English tutorials. They say that the English can not possibly understand that Dhupai can screw up. Actually they have no such habit. Again, the importance of watching an English movie to overcome this problem is very much.

Now let's talk about patience. Even if it sounds bad, but if you do not have enough patience then skip this tune here. Because you will not be able to learn graphics designs at your home by stalking. While watching the video tutorial, patience will break as often as I am. In that case, what I do is break some time. Listen to music or play games. Then start again.

Getting the tutorial is not really difficult. If you have a rough idea about the net, you will get a lot of tutorials.

Must have strong desire strength. Since you are sitting at home, no one will say that you pay attention to this. Doing yourself to do It will not be left in the middle.

There is a good PC for graphics designs. Otherwise it will not work well. It will take more time. Professionals who are Graphics Designers have their PC High Configurable So get a good PC.

English Video Tutorials

I did not get the English video tutorial better than Here are the tutorials that all of us create as a boss. Creates a lot more detailed tutorials. Now, to see these tutorials, where do you get the money? You have to piracy in this situation. If you do not want piracy, give money.
gif imprinted

Some of the best tutorials I have ever seen

For Photoshop
Photoshop One-on-One Series with Deke McClelland

And if you want to learn a little less then this is it

Photoshop CS6 Essential Training
For Illustrator
  1. Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Fundamentals
  2. Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Advanced
  3. Illustrator CS5 One-on-One: Mastery
And if you want to learn a little less then this is it

Illustrator CS6 Essential Training

When all of the above are finished, you must finish this tutorial for practice.

Deke's Techniques

And yes, with these observations, do not make mistakes in practicing yourself with Exercise files. It will take a lot of time to finish it all.
Now this is where the download link for these tutorials? Google will get many download links when searching, but the problem is that all the links are from various premium servers. (So ​​there will be many problems downloading such a big file.

Let's teach you another intelligence. You can catch the techtunes expatriate brother. If you upload these tutorials to mediafire, you can download it very easily. So this responsibility is yours.

You can also take it from me. But considering that time, place and pot.

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