Removing Photo Backgrounds using Clipping Magic

Want to remove background from your pictures? Focus on the image and remove backgrounds in Photoshop. Oh! Do not know Photoshop? There is a simple solution for you, that is Clipping Magic. This allows you to remove backgrounds from your pictures in seconds. After reading this tune you can learn how to remove backgrounds without using Photoshop, with Clipping Magic.

Clipping Magic was free whilst on the alpha stage. But now it is necessary to spend some money to remove the background by using it. Those who use the Lasso tool to remove backgrounds in Photoshop; They can use this Clipping Magic to make their work easier.

Removing Photo Backgrounds using Clipping Magic
Removing Photo Backgrounds

Removing Photo Backgrounds using Clipping Magic (Part 1)
1. To start, first enter the Clipping Magic website in the browser. And select the photo background that you want to remove from your computer. Depending on the size of the image, it will take some time to upload.

2. Now you can see two copies of your uploaded photo. A Original + Mask and the other Result Preview copy.

3. You can see a green brush in the original + mask code. Green brush grind those parts that you want to keep. And another can see red brush to rub those parts, which you want to remove as background. By clicking on the spacebar, you can also get red brush from this green brush. Remember, there is no need to add more grain. Backgrounds will be removed with a little red brush with a little bit of object or content. Do not get more results in more grueling results.
Removing Photo Backgrounds using Clipping Magic (Part 2)
4. If you make a mistake, press Ctrl + Z, then the step will be backwards. Press Ctrl + X to open the blue brush, this brush will rub all those places that have made a mistake in the place. You can step forwardward by pressing Ctrl + Y.

5. At the moment of finally downloading, you will have to subscribe to being a member of Clipping Magic.

Clipping Magic using Limitations

Removing Photo Backgrounds using Clipping Magic (Part 3)
This is a webtool very intelligent. Even if there is no problem with background removing; This is a trick of Clipping Magic that you may need; That is, you can not control the size of the brush. Although not in all cases, it can also cause problems in some cases.

Undoubtedly Photoshop is the best for this job. However, those who do not know how to use Photoshop can use it. Since, Clipping Magic was free in the stage of the alpha stage, but now it is completely free to use it so paid.

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