What is the Design? What is the Graphic Design?

I am Abdul Alim, studying Management at Government Syed Hatem Ali College. I am a freelancer and graphic designer. I have been in the freelancing profession for the last five years. I like to learn, love to teach. Today I will talk about graphic design.

What is the Graphic Design
What is Graphic Design?

The graphic word comes from the German word graphic. Graphic word means picture or line. Graph means meaning and design meaning. Graphic design, in general, is the process of drawing or drawing by image. In other words, drawing pictures or any image and letter art is graphic design.

What is the Design?

Designed to design money. Design is the planned position of the object on a particular field. That is, designs designed to create a picture or image are called designs. A proper design is born by using the correct formulas of the design. In short, the basic structure of any creative work is design.

There are 2 types of things needed to be designed.

1. Elements
2. Equipment
Elements of Design
1. Lines
2. Shapes
3. Colors
4. Textures
5. Spaces
Equipment of Design
1. Pencil
2. Rubber
3. Ruler etc.
I will try to give more detailed ball and video tutorials on graphic designs in another article.

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